Here are a few of the questions I am commonly asked. They explain my philosophy as a Celebrant and may answer some legal questions you have.

Please call me at any time to explore these and any other ideas, or to answer any other questions you may have.

I look forward to being in touch.

Everyone is, of course, unique. So too, are you ... at an exciting stage in your life.

Recognising this individuality, I focus on encouraging the couple or family to participate in their own ceremony however they may wish. Flexibility is vital to ensure each ceremony meets the ideals and ideas of those taking this significant step.

My totally inclusive approach is reflected in my work.

I have experience working with people from non-English speaking backgrounds. So too, in working with interpreters and people with some form of disability and their communities.

** With this philosophy, I believe my work has the happiest conclusions for everyone! **

Marriage Ceremonies: $480 (including legal costs). Love Commitment Ceremonies: $380. Renewal of Vows: $350. Baby/Child Naming Ceremonies: $350.

These fees include:

» Initial (no cost) meeting to discuss your ideas and to give you the opportunity to see if I am the Celebrant you would like for your ceremony.

» Always a second meeting for Ceremony planning.

» Any other meetings as may be required, and if convenient for you.

» Communication encouraged: I'm readily available by email and phone.

» All legal forms, submissions and legal costs.

» Encouragement with comprehensive suggestions to design a Ceremony that realises your vision. Your personalisation of your Ceremony is key.

» I use my own transport.

» My own microphone with sound system.

» I have personal and public liability insurance.

I explain and help you complete the legal details (as required for a Marriage).

I have many suggestions of readings, vows and styles that can be used or creatively adapted for your Ceremony.

Absolutely! No problem!

For Marriages, only: One legal form, 'Notification of Intention to Marry', must be completed at least one month before the wedding.

Details required eg. family names and passport numbers can be sent to me, email is fine. I just need signature and to personally sight some original papers eg. passports, before the Ceremony.

The same applies when two non-Australian citizens, also not living in Australia, wish to be married here.

Most definitely! I encourage people to personalise their ceremonies as much as they choose. Vows, particularly, take on a very special meaning. I have suggestions to guide you in this, should you wish. Legally, however, there is also a vow that each person must say exactly in their marriage promise: 'I call upon the persons here present to witness that I (Name) take thee (Name) to be my lawful wedded husband/wife.'

Of course. The more a ceremony is personal and relevant to those involved, the more meaningful it is.

Certainly, I welcome the opportunity to work with interpreters. My professional background includes significant time with communities of cultural and linguistic diversity.

A wedding with a Celebrant, such as myself, is a civil ceremony. It is based on spiritual love, friendship and happiness. Ceremonies with a Celebrant give free rein to design your own Ceremony: its content - eg readings, music, symbols, choice of venue - at home, in a garden, by the water, daytime, evening etc.

A church wedding is founded in its religion. Music and readings chosen by the couple can usually be included to personalise your religious ceremony.

A marriage in a Registry Office is also a civil ceremony, taken by a Marriage Celebrant, who is appointed by the Register The ceremony is simple in content, it concentrates on the essential authorised wording, and the couple's legal vows.

Certainly. While I am a civil Celebrant, so ceremonies are not based on religion, I am only too happy to incorporate religious elements as you may wish. Some choose to have faith-based readings, songs, or blessings.

A Love Commitment ceremony is a beautiful way to define and celebrate your union. The ceremony will be created with you, reflecting your beliefs and wishes.

(I trust that same-sex marriage will soon become legal in Australia, and it would then be my pleasure to marry you.)

Your ceremony, created with you, to mirror your love and vision ...


Marriage Celebrant authorised to to practice Australia-wide

Registered with The Attorney-General's Department

Registration No: 56438939

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