I am fortunate to have one of the most rewarding professions - working with couples and families to create a ceremony that fulfils their ideals, and allows them to express their love as they wish, at a time that's appropriate in their relationship.

Positive and Professional

You will find me supportive, flexible and inclusive - as well as communicative and creative!

My Priority

I focus on Personalising Your Ceremony Your Way.


I explain the legal requirements are met. I ensure your Ceremony will be as beautiful as you imagine it to be.


A completely open mind and warm sense of creativity is important when first meeting with couples and families to talk about their plans, often hesitations, and ideals.

Flexibility is crucial to ensure each ceremony fulfils the hopes and dreams of those who are taking this significant step in their relationship.

Not only are the perfect words essential, but so too is the venue and 'playing out' of the ceremony.

Often, of course, those planning their ceremonies have many other commitments. So with patience and gentle understanding, I invest as much thought as necessary to take pressure off their busy lives, ensuring that the ceremony brings their vision to joyful realisation.

With this philosophy, my work has the happiest conclusions!

Your ceremony, created with you, to mirror your love and vision ...


Marriage Celebrant authorised to to practice Australia-wide

Registered with The Attorney-General's Department

Registration No: 56438939

Member: Easy Weddings Australia

Member: Southern Highlands Tourism

Member: Australian Marriage Celebrants

Member: Celebrante